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Greensburg - Green County Fire Department & Community Safe Room

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$200.00 per day

Max Occupancy 140
The community room at the Greensburg - Green County Fire Department and Community Safe Room is available at the rate of $100/day. There is a refundable cleaning deposit of $50 that will be returned after a satisfactory inspection. Also a $50 key deposit that will be refunded once the keyi s returned.  Anyone renting the facility will need to furnish their own cleaning supplies, paper towels and trash bags for clean up.

Wi-Fi is available at the facility, however it is password protected. If you need access to the internet, please notify someone at time of reservation.

Please submit a reservation request and someone will contact you regarding the availability of the community room.

**Notice: All reservations are subject to availability and will depend on the Greensburg - Green County Fire Department's need for the facility. 
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